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Marijuana Seeds

We will continue to offer feminized seeds for each shipment (5 EUR Shipping = 1 feminised cannabis seed for free + 2 free feminized seed for each 50 EUR of purchase)

Here is what we wish for the coming months:

Check for new updated cannabis seeds prices. An overwall 10% discounted prices already apply on new prices!!! + very special this month we have as marijuana seeds: AUTO MASS (Grass-O-Matic), THINK DIFFERENT (Dutch Passion), AUTO-BOMB (GreenHouse), SWEET SKUNK AUTO (Sweet Seeds), SWEET CHEESE AUTO (Sweet Seeds) and many more awaiting for you at just a CLICK!

THE DOCTOR (GreenHouse) is back!!! as well as LA ULTRA, CANNATONIC, BUBBLELICIOUS (Resin Seeds), AMNESIA (Dr Green Seeds)

FREE DELIVERY (for orders >150 EUR) + GIFT!! FREE SEEDS (AUTOFEM for each purchase + every 50 EUR) Hurry up before it's all gone!!!

FREE MARIJUANA SEEDS!: We also offer a feminized cannabis seeds (optional Marijuana seeds: Amnesia, AK-47, Jamaican Domina, BuBBLEGUM, Jack Herer, NEW YORK DIESEL in feminized seeds!!!! Critical +, White Widow, Northern Lights, or Cheese, disponbible also autoflowering according to your choice: Auto Bob Marley, Auto Jack Herer, Super Skunk Auto, Auto Black Domina, ...) for each purchase! That means a free cannabis seed for all orders.

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We are always working in making things better!! We will be adding NEW marijuana strains every week, so come back and check our marijuana seeds online store again and again!!!
The best way to pay is with the BITCOIN, DASH, ETHER, POTCOIN and many others CryptoCurrencies like Litecoin Bitcoin Cash Dogecoin , as there is no comission on BTC it means we save money (and you too!!!) and we pass it upon you: for every order paid with bitcoins we will offer 3 feminized seeds!!! THIS OFFER IS ONLY FOR BITCOIN DASH ETHER POTCOIN Litecoin Bitcoin Cash Dogecoin PAYMENTS!!! For the rest, when you place the order, you will have the usually payment options: pay by Credit Card (Majors ones: VISA/MASTERCARD), by Bank Transfer, or by Cash, but we do NOT accept anymore these payment methods (too costy - for you as for us): Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal. Instead try the Bitcoin Revolution: from now on we also accept BITCOIN as a payment option, and receive your cannabis seeds fresh from the lastest harvest!

We keep on offering an autoflowering marijuana feminised seed AUTO JACK HERER or similar (depending on availability of stock: Auto Super Skunk, Auto Bubblegum or Auto Early Skunk) or 1 female seed (marijuana feminized seeds: WHITE WIDOW, CRITICAL + or CHEESE) for every order! Plus extra seeds for every 100 EUR of purchase! FREE SEEDS!

As you possibly may know, lots of people in many different cultures, in their routine lifes (from some Amazonian Indians tribes to the Eastern cultures, from African coasts ti even some western Europeans, and as part of this wonderfull world, me, myself and I) we ingest sometimes for rituals ceremonies or for spiritual purposes one or more psychoactive plants, their main products . Specially in South America, where the use of these substances is really common: think on the Tukano Indians, who associate this use with the origins of this wonderful and extraordinary world in their mythology.

Cannabis and other psychoactive plants can help you finding another way of thinking, of looking inside you, helping you in some sort of personal and spiritual travel.

And now WE can help YOU getting the best variety of cannabis seeds. Because you can find one of the biggest choices for the sale of cannabis seeds online, inside this web. -More Info-

We are a seedbank selling marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm, Soma Seeds, Dutch Passion, Nirvana seeds, Green House Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Eva Seeds, Dinafem Seeds, Mandala Seeds, Sweet Seeds, Sagarmatha Seeds, Grassomatic Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Resin Seeds, Big Buddha Seeds, Kannabia, Medical Seeds, Advanced Seeds, DELICIOUS, Genehtik, K.C.Brains Seeds, Ministry Seeds, Positronics, Pyramid Seeds, DNA Genetics.

Quality cannabis seeds from Dutch heritage

Affordable Marijuana seeds: also cannabis cup winners!

In order to be better informed about new cannabis seeds varieties, we reccomend you to visit our web page to check also for new updated cannabis seeds prices. There you will be able to buy cannabis seeds with an overwall 10% applied over the prices poster. Among other marijuana seeds varieties, you will find: AUTO MASS (Grass-O-Matic), THINK DIFFERENT (Dutch Passion), AUTO-BOMB (GreenHouse), SWEET SKUNK AUTO (Sweet Seeds), or SWEET CHEESE AUTO (Sweet Seeds).

We are also happy to announce you that the variety so-called THE DOCTOR (GreenHouse) is back!!! as well as LA ULTRA, CANNATONIC, BUBBLELICIOUS (Resin Seeds), and AMNESIA (Dr Green Seeds).

For the buying of marijuana seeds through our web page, you have FREE DELIVERY for orders bigger than 150 EUR. You will also received a free marijuana seeds gift together with your order: FREE AUTOFEM SEEDS that you could choose among an extensed marijuana seeds catalogue: Amnesia, AK-47, Jamaican Domina, BuBBLEGUM, Jack Herer, NEW YORK DIESEL, Critical +, White Widow, Northern Lights, or Cheese, available also in autoflowering variety according to your choice: Auto Bob Marley, Auto Jack Herer, Super Skunk Auto, Auto Black Domina, …

Dr. Green Store is dedicated to all those who decided to go further in their spiritual growth, helping them to lighten their path toward the power of a cosmic wave of electric bliss.

Dr. Green Store offers a wide selection of natural psychedelic plants allowing you to buy them at the cheapest price of the market and to cultivate them in your indoor or outdoor garden.

YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER to order from us - NO EXCEPTIONS! - Unless labeled otherwise, nothing here is sold for human consumption.

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