About Us

Everyday, most people in most cultures, whether Amazonian Indians or western Europeans, ingest the products of one or more psychoactive plants. Especially in South America where the use of such substances is extraordinarily common, the Tukano Indians mythologically associate it with the origins of the world.

Although in the modern Western world, the sacredness use of psychoactive plant products has been profaned, as Humans, we all have a natural drive to pursue ecstatic experiences, and the possibility of having ecstatic experiences is one of the fundamental conditions of human consciousness.

All archaic and ethnographic cultures developed methods for inducing such experiences and the most effective method of all is to ingest psychoactive plants or substances.

These methods, however, require certain skills, for there are many factors that play role in shaping the effects and the contents of the experiences. The most important is proper use, that is, a responsible and goal-oriented use. - DO NOT ABUSE! -

Only with proper use, the sacred plants have the power to heal, bring spiritual awakening to healthy people and make possible mystical experiences. They are used not to escape from reality but to recognize true reality: they promote and nourish our souls and make possible the enlightenment of our mind.

There are many different ways to use psychoactive plants and the reasons they are consumed range from relaxation, recreation and pleasure to medical and therapeutic treatment and to ritual and religious ceremonies and spiritual growth.

It is the task of cultures and societies to provide the individual with patterns for using them that serves these purposes.

Because psychedelics take us deeper into ourselves and our environment, it is a process of self-liberation that frightens established authority. .. There cannot be light without darkness!

Dr. Green Store is dedicated to all those who decided to go further in their spiritual growth, helping them to lighten their path toward the power of a cosmic wave of electric bliss.

Dr. Green Store offers a wide selection of natural psychedelic plants allowing you to buy them at the cheapest price of the market and to cultivate them in your indoor or outdoor garden. Only products with tested quality are been sold on this site.

YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER to order from us – NO EXCEPTIONS! – Unless labeled otherwise, nothing here is sold for human consumption.