How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana Seeds Germination

Marijuana Seeds Germination

Grow info about germination techniques of medical marihuana cannabis seeds

The cannabis seeds can be easy germinated in different ways : Germination Tips HERE!

The easy way:

1. Put the cannabis seeds on a saucer , between wet cotton wool, out of direct sunlight. Wait a few days. Mostly between 2 and 4 days, the seeds will come out for 99%. Attention!!! : do not once let them dry up in between (!)

Important!: check the temperature which should be around 24º-28º C and humidity at 90%.

Even more easy:

2. Put the cannabis seeds in a glass of water and place the glass under bright striplighting (30 centimeters) and between 2 and 4 days they will come out for 99%.

Its very usefull to give seed coating products when you start germinated, like trichoderma rootsbacteria.

When the seeds come out , you can put them direktly in 10 liter pot with soil, the best is geranium or fuchia soil, and put the seedlings stems minimum 1 cm in the soil.

The height of all plants can be influenced by extended light periods of 18 hours, and 6 hours dark.

As soon as the light has been adjusted to 12 hours, the count off has been started related to the flowering-time.

All marijuana plants are very simple and positive to influence, by biological resources, Trichoderma rootsbacteria, fulvoid and humune sours.

During growth time, you can give extra nutrimients for GROWTH cycle and you should stimulate the plant with nutrimients for BLOOM during her bloom cycle (super vit, PK13-14, Alga-bloom,...). Make sure you clean the roots of the pants at least 10 days before the harvest from excess of fertilizer.

Please always pay attention while you are watering the plants, give the time to let it dry a little and then you can continue with water and nutrientsolution.

When you give a plant water and the leaves are hanging, please only give clean water without any nutrientsolution.

Best results are always obtained by hydroponic culture or similar direct root breeding.

Be patient and give space and fresh air to the plant so that she develops herself at best.

Best result for germination are obtained if the process starts as soon as seeds are received.

If you want to store the seeds, you should store them in a dark place, around 4º - 8º C at max. 50% humidity level.

With time, the vitality of the seed decrease, it is a natural process that can't be stopped. This is why we work with low stock volume, in order to assure you always the freshest seed ever available.

Never give up, any doubts, give us a call, we are here for that!

Happy riding!