AutoFlowering Growing Tips

AutoFlowering Cannabis Growing Tips

Check these tips for your indoor growing of your AUTOFLOWERING Marijuana seeds, our trials have shown that these plants develop best if you:

• Use no larger than five-litre weed pots.

• Use a photoperiod of 12-14-16 hours of light for faster results (OUR BEST RESULTS WERE OBTAINED WITH 12/12 and 14/10 PHOTOPERIODS). If you leave it at 18 hours, you will have to stop feeding with growth fertiliser after two weeks and force the plant of Marijuana to flower, leaving it in darkness for 24–48 hours and then resuming the photoperiod. In any case, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING OUR AUTO-FLOWERING VARIETIES (Dr. Green Seeds) WITH PHOTOPERIODS OF OVER 16 HOURS, AS THE PLANTS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO END THE PROCESS, TENDING TO GROW TO A HUGE SIZE AND RISKING GROWING BEYOND THE GROWER’S CONTROL.

• Use high-pressure sodium lamps.

• Good results can also be obtained by switching from a longer photoperiod to a shorter one (for example, reducing from 20 hours to 12–14 hours to stimulate flowering and accelerate the process).

Although the flowering time of our new second-generation Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds varieties (AUTO JACK HERER, AUTO BLACK DOMINA, ....) is slightly longer (set by the flowering time of the reversed pollen), the results are better, while other characteristics — resistance to light pollution, performance outdoors and resistance to pests and disease — have remained the same or even improved.

Theses new auto-flowering varieties were developed by crossing feminised pollen from varieties in our catalogue with stem strains obtained from crossing with the rudelaris subspecies. The result: plants with minimal auto-flowering characteristics and flowering times that are set by the pollen of the reversed plants.

Our main goal is to create a variety of AUTOFLOWERING that would give excellent results outdoors. And our trials have backed this up. The plants are large, with fairly big, compact buds. The rudelaris gene is manifest, and the plants flower and finish over a period when standard plants are just beginning to flower. DR GREEN SEEDS RECOMMENDS OUTDOOR USE ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY.

We hope that these tips will help to improve our service.