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Michka · Sensi Seeds

It was logical to finally dedicate a variety of cannabis to Michka® Seeliger-Chatelain, the French cannabis guru, prolific activist and writer, and the Grand Dame of Cannabis! This delicious citrus-scented variety excites all sativas fans, and is now available in its feminized version.

Michka®® was created by Sensi Seeds in the same breeding program responsible for the completion of the Eagle Bill® cannabis strain. During that process, a never-before-seen expression of the plant caught everyone's attention; tall and elegant, and with a distinctive smell of citrus. It soon became clear that this line of breeding had to be preserved and perfected, and what better way to honor it than to link it to the French marijuana expert, and fascinating writer, Michka® Seeliger-Chatelain? And so that an even greater number of growers can access this delicious gift, Sensi Seeds has launched Michka® Feminized!

The plants produced by Michka® Feminized seeds present a rapid growth. They do not show much lateral branching, which can be an advantage, depending on the type of culture space you have. And by choosing this feminized version of the variety, you can be sure not to lose a centimeter of space, without male plants and with the advantage that you do not need to work extra to identify or eliminate them. Michka® Feminized plants grow tall, so it is definitely worth considering the Sea of ??Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) methods if your garden lacks ceiling height and you already have experience with these methods. As with most sativas, the flowering time of Michka® Feminized is quite long, which is an advantage when it comes to the quality of your buds. Expect a beautiful harvest of incredible citrus flowers!

By the time the flowering period comes to an end, the plants will be covered with leafy buds so tight that the stems will be almost completely invisible! These dense, compact, lime-green buds are somewhat unusual for a predominantly sativa variety, as they usually produce fluffy flowers, with a structure not unlike popcorn. On the other hand, Michka® Feminized plants develop tails in the shape of a candle, with little foliage and dense, tight flowers; in other words, a paradise for the pruner, courtesy of his Silver Pearl ancestry. Although it may be necessary to monitor the thickness of the buds to avoid mold, the typical spiral sativa growth pattern should allow the plant to be sufficiently well ventilated. Its satisfactory harvest and its unique flavor and aroma make this variety a real pleasure!

Growers who do not enjoy very harsh weather conditions, without a doubt, it would be best if they cultivated Michka® Feminized indoors, where it will grow without effort. But for those located in areas that can accommodate their long flowering period, the variety is a real gift for the outdoor gardener. This powerful sativa can reach impressive heights when allowed to develop on the ground directly. Of course, this variety can also be grown in a pot, if you are not yet ready to add a new tree to the landscape of your garden.

Those who are fond of the typical rise of sativa and its energetic qualities, which expand the mind, will be happy to try this variety, which is a perfectly powerful example of all of them. Michka® Feminized is especially appropriate for artistic activities, as it favors and stimulates pleasant creative impulses!

There was absolutely no doubt as to whether it was time to put the name of the smart Michka® Seeliger-Chatelain to a variety. The Grand Cannabis French Lady, known for her role as co-founder of the Mama publishing house, is also a prolific cannabis writer. Her works on cannabis cultivation, medicinal cannabis, history and cannabis culture are admired sales successes, as she is, within the community. For Sensi Seeds it is an honor to have Michka® among their friends for a long time, and the whole team is very happy to launch, at last, a variety in their honor for the whole sativa community to enjoy. !

· Sunny / Mediterranean
· Tall Plant
· Flowering 50 - 70 days
· Average performance
· 80% Sativa

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