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Purple Bud Automatic · White Label Seeds

These feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds produce very powerful Afghani indica (also called 'Afghanica' or Kush) with a sativa touch, which often present violet tones in the buds. Purple Bud Automatic flowers indoors or outdoors, in cold climates or on a balcony. Anyone can grow a big crop of colorful buds!

Purple Bud Automatic is a multiple feminized hybrid with roots that connect some of the most important cannabis gene pools in the world. The main ancestors of this variety go back to the legendary indica cultivars of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan. The other parental plants that contributed to the Purple Bud breeding program have their origins in the cannabis medicinal communities of California and the Caribbean.

The main influence behind Purple Bud are two cultivars of pure Afghanica that give this hybrid characteristics such as great power, rapid flowering, and a robust structure. Sativas recessive qualities were introduced through a very special Jamaican cultivar. This powerful tropical plant gives Purple Bud a little extra height, plus a great psychoactive effect!

The original variety of white label Purple Bud feminized cannabis seeds was created by breeding that Afghan-Jamaican cross with an impressive double hybrid Kush created from a Hindu Kush, raised in Holland, and a Purple Kush from California. Not long ago, Ruderalis genes were added to the mix to introduce automatic flowering into the variety. After several generations of backcrossing of the parent plants, this trend and the characteristics of the colorful and powerful variety were stabilized and the feminized cannabis seeds Purple Bud Automatic became an official White Label variety.

Purple Bud Automatic produces most of its harvest on the main stem and upper branches. As a variety of autoflowering cannabis, the techniques of pruning ("topping") of the stem and the branches do not increase the bud sites, because the vegetative period of the automatic varieties can not be extended to allow the regeneration of the pruned branches. In the same way, when grown indoors, manipulating the light cycle does not increase or decrease the final height.

Purple Bud Automatic has a total culture time of 13 to 14 weeks, with the last 8 to 10 weeks devoted to flowering. That is, the plants enter their flowering period automatically, after about 4 to 6 weeks of vegetative growth, regardless of the photoperiod (daylight hours). At the end of their growth and flowering phases, mature plants usually vary in height from 90 to 140 cm and bend under the weight of their purple flowers filled with resin.

The flowers of Purple Bud Automatic begin as knots of tipped calyxes that are grouped in nodes and bracts, to expand quickly forming solid and thick buds. In the last weeks of flowering, the buds of the upper part of the main stem and of the branches increase in size, and come together forming large tails. The chains of green and purple protruding chalices also begin to "spread" along the lower branches, narrowing or closing the spaces between the buds.

While low temperatures during the flowering period may accentuate the purple tendency of this variety, plants that enjoy perfect conditions throughout their growth and flowering cycles should also present interesting colors. It is not uncommon to see Purple Bud Automatic plants that end with lime green leaves that accentuate the intense purple color of their buds.

 · Cool / Cool
·  Compact plant

 · Flowering 50 - 65 days
·  Average performance
· 75% Indica

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